Dragon Quest XI is Engineered to Try and Woo a Western Audience (Again)

The stage is once again set for Dragon Quest to make a big impression on a fresh Western audience. Will this be the series' breakout moment? Will Square Enix see a massive adoption movement akin to Capcom's recent Western success with Monster Hunter: World? Dragon Quest XI looks great, it sounds good, it's getting a Steam release alongside its console release, and the success of another turn-based RPG—Persona 5—proves North America isn't as allergic to "old fashioned" JRPG systems as some people initially thought. If Dragon Quest is going to shine on these shores, it's now or never.

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gamingunited231d ago

I'm going to enjoy it regardless.

thorstein230d ago

Apparently it is uncensored. It's an official statement from Samantha Laabs on the PS Blog.

So excited for this. I will finish Ni No Kuni II this summer and then it is on to this remarkable game.

GaboonViper231d ago

This is gonna be amazing, i love DQ, i wish Sony would allow DQ8 on PS2 classics.

231d ago
FallenAngel1984231d ago

It’s hard for this series to catch on big in western markets because of its various very traditional mechanics.

I’m not even talking about it being turn based. Dragon Quest does many things cuz of tradition that wouldn’t set well with any other franchise

231d ago
PhoenixUp231d ago

There’s been so many attempts to make Dragon Quest a big name in western markets, I’d be amazed if this game somehow pulled it off

thorstein230d ago

It's too bad it doesn't because it is such an amazing series. Only half a million people bought DQ VIII on PS2 in NA. I was one of them. Great game even today.

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