No Man’s Sky PSVR Support Gets Teased By Hello Games

No Man’s Sky, the ambitious but ultimately flawed, space-based survival game from Hello Games may be getting a PlayStation VR support, as Sean Murray surfaces on social media

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Goldby86d ago

Yeah I'll definitely be playing it again in vr

Cupid_Viper_386d ago

This right there is MY main reason for buying the game in the first place. I thought VR Support would have come sooner. I'm glad it's happening at all. I'll be a good reason for me to get back into the game, especially with all of the other updates the added.

NecrumOddBoy86d ago

VR yes!!!! I put a lot of time into NMS. I will definitely jump in if it hits PSVR!

DigitalRaptor86d ago


I've not loaded this up for quite some time. I'd love VR to be the reason I return.

P_Bomb86d ago

Space exploration would be sweet asf in VR!

IamTylerDurden186d ago

No Man's Sky would get a second life in VR. The game is already vastly improved but most people stopped playing before the updates even occurred. I could see people either booting it up for the first time since the launch window or people playing for the first time marveling at how much better the game is than they remembered or anticipated it to be. Plus, limitless planet and space exploration is a dream for VR.

85d ago
Captain_J_Sheridan86d ago

I liked it more when it was more simplistic, it's overly complicated now

toddybad86d ago

This is exactly what I thought when I reloaded it.

AllThingsShining86d ago

In what way? Haven't jumped into it much since the patches, only once or twice, but would definitely consider diving back in if VR support was added.

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The story is too old to be commented.