Siliconera: Hands-On Tenchu 4: Shake It!

Siliconera writes: "Acquire jumped on the motion control train without looking back. Tenchu 4 implements waggle by having players lift the remote upwards to jump. Wiggling the remote left or right makes Rikimaru roll into cover. The first stage has bushes marked with a black mist that Rikimaru can hide in and shaking the remote automatically makes Rikimaru move from one bush to the next.

Since I didn't come in with a weapon it was either do a stealth kill or forcefully retreat. In the first mission I made Rikimaru creep behind a guard by softly walking with the analog stick. Once you're in range you can grab an unsuspecting victim and dispatch them with a motion indicated on the screen. After finishing up the guard I dragged the body out of sight by pressing the B button to make sure the other guards wouldn't notice the fate of his friend. With my back to the wall I peeked around a corner to find my next target."

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