Gamervision: NBA 09: The Inside Review

Gamervision: "Every October, you can pretty much guarantee there will be three choices of NBA-based games for players. From the EA juggernaut, NBA Live, to 2K's critical darling, NBA 2K, to Sony's first party offering, there seem to be more choices for basketball games than most other yearly franchises. Both the Live and 2K series have rabid fan-bases, but you never run into a die-hard NBA: The Life fan when you're at Gamestop. Sony's been trying to establish their in-house sports franchises, and made great strides with this year's MLB: The Show 08. I was curious if they'd be able to translate how fantastic that game was to their NBA series. Matching up to Live and 2K is no easy task, but I had to at least see if Sony was up to the challenge."

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