GameSpy: Dead Space Review

GameSpy writes: "Drawing heavily on a multitude of science-fiction and horror themes, Dead Space might initially seem a bit formulaic, but rest assured that by the end of this roughly 15-hour saga of terror, you'll be left a blubbering mess huddling with your controller slack in your shaking hands. But surely that must be hyperbole...

It is not hyperbole.

Dead Space is an achievement that rivals greats like Half-Life 2 and BioShock. Its nuanced and labyrinthine plot, fully-realized characters and devastating attention to minute graphical details are beyond reproach. There are a few minor quibbles one could unearth (and we will), but these fail to mar what is one of the better-realized gaming experiences to date."

+Superbly detailed action, story and upgrade system
+Incredibly scary
+Includes a veritable pantheon of awesome mechanics

-Leave some time after the credits roll to pull yourself together and stop your hands from shaking
-No, seriously

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