What went wrong with PSVR exclusive Bravo Team, the "Halo of VR shooters"

Bravo Team, the PlayStation VR shooter from Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games, launched earlier this month to a critical mauling and disappointment.

Speaking to Eurogamer under condition of anonymity to protect their jobs, Supermassive staff have painted a picture of a project which felt doomed from an early stage, of a studio which feels increasingly overworked, and a management too focused on maintaining the place in the spotlight Supermassive secured with 2015's Until Dawn, still the studio's biggest claim to fame.

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zb1ftw777232d ago

VR in general was backed into a corner the moment Devs forgot people live in normal houses and not 30 foot by 30 foot empty space game rooms.

Create commercially viable VR games where you need to sit down and you would have had a winner.

Sniperwithacause232d ago

90% of the games out now require you to sit. Even the other 10% can be played seated. So I don't understand where you are getting at with your comment.

ocelot07232d ago

You must not have tried playing many VR games recently then. I have a PSVR and recently got a mixed reality headset. Not once have I had to stand up to play any of the games and I certainly don't have a 30 x 30 floor space.

I have played about 20 different VR games so far and not one has needed me to play standing up. Everyone so far has worked absolutely fine sitting down.

Kokyu232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Kind of defeats the purpose of VR if your sitting and defeats the purpose of a FPS in VR.

Mm VR is a niche market period I said that 2yrs ago and having owned a PSVR now for the last year its still a niche market. The good games are few and far between and the shovelware is extremely prevalent. If they want to make PSVR something other than novelty. Even the good games are too short for the money.