Sony PSP-3000 VS. PSP-2000 : Side-by-side Comparison

So, you're probably wondering how the PSP-3000 compares to last year's PSP-2000, the second version of the PlayStation Portable. Check out the pictures here for a side-by-side comparison and decide if you're ready to jump on the PSP, or if it's worth the upgrade from the PSP-1000 or PSP-2000 .

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CrippleH3592d ago

Very good, informative, and detailed.

Thumbs up comparison.

Shaka2K63592d ago

Whats not to love about the best handheld in the history of gaming really.

Zerodin3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Yeah the Gameboy kicks ASS!

It's list of victims include...
Game Gear
Turbo Express
Neo Pocket Color
And more.
Each one more powerful then the GB and GBC...each one failed!

PSP's list of victims?

White-Sharingan3592d ago

@Zerodin- no doubt the GB is the best handheld in history but unlike GB's contender; the PSP is actually putting up a fight against the DS

is it selling more than DS? maybe not but its still a very successfull handheld

and in terms of its uses; the PSP is the best handheld around (although I dont deny that DS has a MUCH better gaming library than the PSP)

MAiKU3592d ago

Oh god you're right zerodin!

I mean, it has nothing to do with the fact that the sony hand held gaming system didn't even exist back then!

Zerodin3592d ago

Nintendo is still giving them a good hard spanking.
Now picture that, but with Nintendo having ALL of the 3rd party support.
That would have been the result back then! Much the way the PS1 had everything but the kitchen sink!

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colonel1793592d ago

I cannot access the site, is anybody having the same problem?

CrippleH3592d ago

Works fine for me right now.

VMAN_013592d ago

Mine just says

micro_invader3592d ago

Meh, I don't think it's worth upgrading. I'll stick with the 2000 version I have now.