Outlast 2 Restores Cut Content That Would Have Made it Adults Only

Outlast 2 released a new update today which restored cut content that may have given it the AO rating. For all platforms, they've also released a story mode just in time for the Nintendo Switch Release.

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Chaosdreams233d ago

Interesting. Though I imagine that the content they had originally cut was given the ok for an M rating later on? Otherwise it would be strange that you could remove content that put the game at an A0 rating, only to add it back in months down the road without consequence. Either way, I like that they've added a tweaked mode.

I love Outlast, but man, I could barely make it out of the opening area in Outlast 2. Felt like I was being chased every time I breathed.

arkard233d ago

Esrb doesn't/can't regulate patches, as far as I know, so maybe loophole?

D3TH_D33LR233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Omg if this is an untapped loophole... the potential lol. How does a game that’s been rated get more heated content above it’s given rating? Idc I’ll take it. They’re gonna need by the looks of how demented Agony looks

nikrel233d ago

This is exactly why the new ESRB label for Microtranactions will not work.

Omnisonne233d ago

Was just planning on playing this again

Smitty2020233d ago

Iv still have to play outlast 2 work work work gets in the way outlast 1 was amazing love the game

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The story is too old to be commented.