1UP: Rock Revolution Review

Review by Justin Haywald:

"If Rock Revolution had released before the first Rock Band, I might've been content. It's a natural extension of GuitarFreaks and DrumMania (a pair of Konami arcade rhythm games that let you play along with J-pop tunes on guitar and drums, respectively), and it offers you the chance to rock out, Konami-style, without having to go all the way to a Japanese arcade. Instead, Revolution feels like it was released from the bowels of a time vacuum where Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero did a great job and won over a lot of new fans -- myself included. Later, Rock Band filled in the missing pieces with microphone and drum peripherals. Still, I was genuinely excited for Rock Revolution -- the development team promised to craft an even better drum peripheral, and they presumably had time to fix Rock Band's minor flaws."

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DreamcastFanboy3714d ago

He thinks "Chop Suey!" is a bad song? Wow i dissagree with him on that statement.

resistance1003714d ago

shame i was considering this at one point, guess i will just stick with GH:WT and RB2

barom3714d ago

you could always just get the game, all peripheral should work with each other.

Harry1903714d ago

Caramba. Konami won't be happy.