Unreal Engine 4’s real-time raytracing tech demo was running on four NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs

During GTC 2018, NVIDIA revealed that Epic Games’ amazing real-time raytracing tech demo in Unreal Engine 4, Reflections, was running on four Tesla V100 graphics cards. And while it took four Tesla V100 GPUs to power it, it’s pretty incredible that this demo was running in real-time at a smooth framerate.

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2pacalypsenow263d ago

"running on four Titan V graphics cards"

Yet Nvidia discontinued support for 3x/4x SLI....

Notellin263d ago

This was running on Tesla V not Titan V. Tesla V supports NVLINK.

2pacalypsenow262d ago

Must of changed the title cuz I copied and pasted that quote.

Bobafret263d ago

I will be dead by the time this is remotely possible on a console.

DarkVoyager263d ago

I’d say the only way we will ever see this in our lifetime on a console is with cloud compute. If that’s even possible.

Guyfamily999263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

Cloud computing could actually have a great future for consoles, but the technology wouldn't really work for things such as lighting. AI for npcs (even in single player games) could see a huge improvement though. AI is super hard on CPUs, and consoles traditionally have weak CPUs.

Real time graphics rendering tech will probably be harder to implement, but I can see a future where it's common!

fr0sty262d ago

You may see the "Pro" versions of the upcoming consoles support a limited, lower quality form of this.

Sirk7x262d ago

Probably not. Twenty years ago was the PS1/N64. Look at what we have now. In another twenty years, games will probably be completely created by AI specified to our desires.

ravinash262d ago

Great, so I'll will be getting into my 60s by then.

darthv72263d ago

I seem to recall Intel has been working on cloud based raytracing to help with game development and processing...

This is from 2011:

This is from 2010:

Guess nividia is going about it a different way.

Guyfamily999263d ago

Super interesting, thanks for sharing. It's a shame that Microsofts "power of the cloud" marketing was all BS, because cloud computing could actually be SUPER helpful for consoles.

At N4G the average user might game on average a few hours a day, but for every person who owns a console, they probably only game on it around an hour a day (as an average, key point). All the rest of the time the hardware isn't being used to render anything.

Cloud computing could increase that efficiency by more than 20 times (24 hour operation with hardware designed for stability). If the average user only connects for around 400 hours a year of extra processing, that's totally viable. Basically, to "double" the effective processing power of a system, you'd need to connect to an equally powerful system. As an average the server would need about 1 "system" for every 20 active users. That's definitely economically viable, I hope we see it at some point.

Zeref262d ago

The power of the cloud thing is just was too early, but Microsoft has the second biggest cloud infrastructure in the world, you can bet your ass that they haven't been sleeping on it.

T1125P263d ago

This is why I love the PC :D Can't wait to actually play games that look like this in real time.

cooperdnizzle263d ago

I’ll hold my breath with ya.

affrogamer263d ago

developers wont bother with it if nex until consoles can handle it

affrogamer263d ago

Edit: developers won't bother with it if next gen* consoles can't handle it

Guyfamily999263d ago

The rig they're using has about 6 times the processing power of a GTX1080ti (and that's in standard FP32 compute, the advantage is probably even larger for Ray tracing specifically). That's to run it at 1080p, 24 fps. So if you want 4K 60fps you'd need approximately 60 times the compute power of a 1080ti.
You'll be able to buy a graphics card that powerful in maybe 15 years or so? (consider Xbox 2001 vs Xbox One 2013. 12 years, about 65 times gpu difference. But processing advancements are slowing down). Keep in mind by the year 2033, 4K 60fps will be outdated, you'll probably want to be aiming for 8K 120fps at least.
Sorry bud, have fun waiting until the 2030s I guess?

Muigi262d ago

Hahahaha thats a good one...hahahahaha

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Godmars290263d ago

This is the issue with modern gaming: dream-level graphics being done on something well out of bounds for the common market, years away from any reasonable release, becomes the current target.

warriorcase263d ago

Seeing what's possible and working towards boiling it down over years to be cheaper and more accessible is how all technology works. Of course it becomes the current target to aim for otherwise tech progression would come to a halt.

Godmars290262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

Except "what's possible" is on excessively expensive hardware that becomes relatively "cheaper" over years. Which could further translate into what use to be one or two console generations. If not more.

Meanwhile a vocal tecnophile minority of the audience is clamoring for it *NOW* with all too eager - most greedy - publishers all too willing to flub concept videos for games, some studios complaining how the current market is 4-5 generations behind their expectations all while the actual mainstream would likely be happy with mostly 64 bit titles. A very few HD/1080p/4k showcase games.

Look at history: the PS3 and 360 were all about HD graphics, shooters and 3rd person, and people were talking about it being the last console gen. Now the Switch is a thing, indie and retro gaming along with VR - and hey - console gaming is not only back, but oddly very healthy!

(XBX as the most powerful system not actually utilizing said power aside.)

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