SOCOM Advertised As Being PlayStation Home Compatible

PlayStation Lifestyle writes: "What exactly does this mean? A possible SOCOM "space"? Game launching from Home? There are many things we could speculate about, but only one thing is for sure…

PlayStation HOME is coming this fall".

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001003713d ago

where? fake announcement?

skynidas3713d ago

Oh jeez, enough with that already!

pwnsause3713d ago

they werent allowed to show the game. they got into trouble for breaking NDAs.

skynidas3713d ago

It wasnt that, some guy lied to them....but we should leave that in the past

Go Go Sony Rangers3713d ago

I love the gameplay in SOCOM and all the teamwork involved, (unlike that other 3rd person shooter) but I just wish that they would steal the cover system from that 3rd person shooter. The cover system and leaning for me is sorta clunky at times.

sonarus3713d ago

I am in home and i tried the socom implementation. I could launch the game from home but that was about it. Couldn't create a party couldn't do nothing:(

Will_Smith3713d ago

leave it in the past?? oh right cuz playstationlifestyle has always been right besides that...

FW 2.40 to come out BEFORE Metal Gear Solid 4 on the 10th
Kojima pushing 2.40 for Trophy support
Home Betas Invites to be sent weekly untill its full release

you can take all my bubbles but its the truth, why do they post anything at all

sonarus3713d ago

to be fair. They weren't the only sites running those rumors. I doubt the rumor originated from them. On the other hand the Hardware 2 rumor did and they do deserve crap for it. Not that i don't like them they are a cool bunch of guys but the criticism will help them become more professional and they won't judge the gun on unconfirmed rumors ever again

poopsack3713d ago

I agree sonarus, not to mention they were the only ones to get a their hands on the screenshots of the trophy system, Bioshock on PS3, and in game XMB in action before anyone else.

Omegasyde3713d ago

I vouch for playstation life style saying they are legit. SeV1512 has alot of connections along with the others.

So they get one story wrong, big deal. Funny how I told people since last year that Jeopardy and wheel of fortune were coming and no one believed me. I also still stand saying that the next Everquest will also be released on the PS3 2009 Q4, with game announced at GDC 09.

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thewolf53713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

or better yet, HOME launches with Socom via 2.50 firmware!, one can only hope

ill be saying my prayers before i go to bed tonight (in my cardboard box) XD

pwnsause3713d ago

we can all dream. BUt seriously, just stop it. Home is coming this year, even Kaz Hirai said it.

eric1003713d ago

SOCOM space very likely



No, one cannot dream. I'm tired of all this dreams, lies, drama, the enetire soap opera. Let's just take a release date and stick with it, please.

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arakouftaian3713d ago

this year i will have a new home!!! :)

eric1003713d ago

releasing one bomb after another

do they want to destroy competition or what?

eric1003713d ago

dont kill competition like this

have mercy please

SCE3713d ago

We at Sony Computer Entertaiment inc. do not believe in mercy

ReTarDedFisHy3713d ago

Good one SCE.

On topic, I wonder how the SOCOM space is going to turn out... if it's true that is.

Zerodin3713d ago

You at SCE only believe in getting your asses handed to you did you sony tards describe the Wii? Ah yes, "Old tech".

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