GamesRadar: Dead Space Review

GamesRadar writes: "Dead Space is the ultimate jigsaw of gaming's greatest hits, shamelessly stealing features from a decade of classic action games and mixing them together in one giblet-filled melting pot of horror. You've played it before: Resident Evil 4's camera, Gears of War's movement, Doom 3's corridors, Bioshock's atmosphere and story revelations, System Shock 2's horror, The Thing's monsters, Metroid Prime's doors and Cold Fear's location (only, er, in space)… EA Redwood Shores nabs them all, squeezes them into a terrifying ten-hour jaunt and backs it all up with production values to rival the very best. And although, post-credits, RE4 still remains king of the genre, Dead Space has proven itself to be more than just an accomplished copycat. In fact, Capcom should take note. Because EA can teach them a thing or three about survival horror."

You'll love:

* As sickening as they come
* Inspired zero-grav gameplay
* Near-perfect RE4 clone

You'll hate:

* Shamelessly steals ideas
* Some repeated enemies
* Normal difficulty is too easy

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Isaac3716d ago

They complain about "ripping off"? Rip offs don't deserve high scores, but this game is not a rip-off. If anything all the games he mentioned are a rip-off of something else, and there's nothing original under the sun. If this is gaming's Event Horizon, then Resident Evil is gaming's dawn of the dead.

CrippleH3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

I despise GamesRadar more and more after seeing their comments.

At least Dead Space is scary and trying to be scary unlike RE5.

I hated EA last year but I'm slowly changing my mind.

EA>Activision in my mind now.

Lord_Ash3716d ago

Activision is a bad company now, they want to flood the market with sequals (Just like EA in the past but worse) I mean they want to release at least 4 Guitar Hero games next year, 3 Spider man games and a rumored 2 Call of Duty games, that is just bad.

Shaka2K63716d ago

Must be talking about whats inside an xbug's head Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ha no brain Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!