GoW Director on Parallels Between Him and Kratos and Losing Interest in Games Lacking A Strong 'Why'

God of War director Cory Barlog drew some parallels between himself and Kratos in that they both wandered for a while. He also said that he needs a strong 'why' to avoid losing interest in games these days.

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KaiPow262d ago

Hopefully that Why will be "Why is Kratos time travelling now?"

Imp0ssibl3262d ago

Uhm. ..Not sure I caught the time travel reference

Nyxus262d ago

"Every game that I play, if there’s not a strong ‘why’ driving me through the game, like ‘There’s just great mechanics and it’s really fun and you can do all of these cool things’, that’s great, but after a couple of hours if I don’t have a ‘why’, if I’m not in there for a reason, if I’m not being driven by something that I care about then I feel like I just lose interest."

Exactly the same for me. That's why I prefer games with a strong emphasis on story.

Alexious261d ago

I personally can enjoy both story and non-story based games. Though I have to feel connected to the setting somehow.

showtimefolks261d ago

There are games I play for story while others for game play and or other features

stokedAF261d ago

Same. Everybody loves a good story and good characters. When the “why” outweighs the mechanics then I start losing interest most of the time. The games built on a foundation of storytelling feel preachy to me lol. Im zoning out during cutscenes and when I look up I’m dead and it’s the loading screen lol. I’m talking to the game out loud like “okay we get it, let’s go”.

It’s different for everyone, if that’s the kind of game he likes then that’s the kind he will direct. Fair enough. I’m a huge fan of the franchise and source material so this could be a story game that I could live with. I’m hoping so, I have spent a lot of money already on the digital version, collectors version, art book and strategy guide lmao. I’m stoked, don’t let me down!

CobraKai261d ago

I’m in the same boat. This is what drives me to play single player games. I, personally, lack this “why” when playing multiplayer, and I get bored and disinterested. I see other gamers having different “why” in games, whether it’s unraveling a story, competitive drive, or a chance to play with friends. Without that “why”, the game dulls.

KaaF261d ago

Best "why" to play a game is good gameplay, why would I play a game only for the story when I can just watch in on youtube? It's great to have a good story, but it's no reason to play a game for me.

PrinterMan261d ago

I would say games are an interactive story not a static one so the idea of 'watching' a game I don't think is possible (not like watching someone else play). I have yet to see a game without some interaction story driven or not. So, a game cannot be a film, youtube video, movie etc as those do not require user interaction.

Just stirring the pot :)

OGzeus261d ago

Yup, I'm in the same boat.

SuperSonic91261d ago (Edited 261d ago )

But there are games who's story is also up to the player's interpretation like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus - the show don't tell types where the story unfolds in the very gameplay itself.
I like them more than hours upon hours of elaborate cutscenes.
SotC may be a short game but its jam packed of timeless game design and genius.

Tapani261d ago

Yes! This is exactly me as well. Can't play games if they provide me only entertainment or "fun". Sometimes games like Mario Odyssey and Zelda BOTW have the "why" in just looking at the art and fun, but that still has the "why". However, narrative driven games with a strong message and characters I care are the most interesting ones for me. I like games made for 25-50 years old people in mind. I'd love to have more business related games, the equivalent of Big Short of games.

Edito261d ago

Are you talking about Destiny, The Division, Rainbow Six, Ghost Reacon, Sea Of Thieves... ?

I can't play games without the why for very long...

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Cybermario262d ago

with Horizon part of the "why" is what got me hooked, i wanted to know more of the lore, of why the wolrd ended like that, hope GOW does the same for me

showtimefolks261d ago

Is there something wrong with me I like open world games but 2 to 3 hours in I can't get into horizon but I do have the complete edition and I want to enjoy it

Does it pick up more after 5 or so hours?

porkChop261d ago

Give it another few hours to see if it grows on you. No game is really for everyone, but some games take a few hours before they "click" with some people.

LucasRuinedChildhood261d ago

2 to 3 hours in Horizon would not have transitioned into the full open world yet (more like a large hub area with more limited quests and linear missions). That happens around the 5 hour mark.

LucasRuinedChildhood261d ago

This is so true. Context is important. Given a reason for what you're doing, our actions in a game carry more weight and meaning and you feel like you have more of a purpose. I think this is something that a lot of people who scream "I play games, not movies!" don't really get (although storytelling can be told in ways other than cutscenes).

Tross261d ago

There's nothing wrong with having a reason for doing what you do. In fact, I sometimes find myself wishing some devs had more of a purpose behind their games. I'd rather play something that means something to those who made it than something that exists merely to appease some shareholders.

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