God of War PS4: Cory Barlog on future sequels, story cliffhangers and numerous easter eggs

God of War is due to release next month and following some impressive previews we asked game director Cory Barlog to explain where he sees the series headed in the future and how he's planning for that with Kratos return on PS4.

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PhoenixUp268d ago

Should’ve named tbis God of War 4 to make future sequels have more suitable naming conventions

Araragifeels 268d ago

They could just add another title to God Of War: "" instead of numbers.

darthv72267d ago

I have a feeling that's the direction they are planning. Subsequent sequels will just be named for their premise. God of War: Battle for Valhalla or God of War: Fall of Asgard

_-EDMIX-_267d ago

I think its fair for them to leave out "4" and just leave it as god of war

stokedAF267d ago

“Cory Barlog: It’s both. So you get a bit of that and you also get the natural feeling of a conclusion to the game's story. And then, like I said, I have never in anything I’ve ever worked on put as many secrets in a game as now. They're literally everywhere.

I hope people are finding stuff like, a year from now, two years from now, because there’s so much there to find.”


Good article, good questions.

Joey_The_Robot267d ago

Thanks, normally I just get abuse because it's Daily Star haha.

stokedAF267d ago

I have no idea what that site is all about, I’m American lol. You answered a question I had so it really doesn’t matter to me one way or the other.