Hands On with Sony's New PlayStation Portable 3000

Sony's new re-brushed and buffed-up PlayStation Portable3000 handheld video game system should finally be dangling from plastic retail hooks or resting in neat little rectangle stacks on shelves as you read this, but should existing PSP owners think about upgrading? The PSP 3000 is basically a point update to the PSP "Slim and Lite," Sony's lighter, faster, slimmer refresh that arrived in September 2007. Recall that the original PSP debuted in March 2005, so we certainly weren't due for an update this soon, but an update we're getting, and one that includes a brighter, faster LCD display, expanded video-out, and a built-in microphone.

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DARKKNIGHT3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

the new screen alone is definitely worth it!!!!!!!!!

Shaka2K63712d ago

I bought both my launch PSP and PSP 2000 so far the best handheld in the history of gaming, use it on the daily basics.

PSP 3000 here we come.

snakebite363712d ago

So, do all the psp 3000 bundles or standalone psp 3000's come with a 1 gb memory card? how much do bigger memory cards for the psp cost?

DevastationEve3711d ago

PSP is still around...nice! I had one back in 2006. A 1GB Sandisk memory stick cost me $100 back then, and when it got damaged I bought another (a Lexar) that was both CHEAPER and MORE DURABLE. I kinda saw how the prices would fall eventually, but the capacity just wasn't attractive.

PSP can do so much...I just wish it had an internal HDD. Wishful thinking, but even without it PSP is still a 10/10. A great buy for anyone who wants their games to go.