RPCS3, the best Playstation 3 emulator, received huge rendering improvements

The team behind the best Playstation 3 emulator, RPCS3, has announced some new and huge rendering improvements that it has implemented to its emulator.

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Babadook7238d ago

Ps3?? Emulated? What sorcery is this?

RevXM238d ago

I know right. Impressive work so far. One day it could be great. Killzone 2 at 4k and ramp it up. 👌

mikeslemonade238d ago

Which will run on your pc in 10 years since most of you guys on here got weak PCs

roadkillers238d ago

^ lol, because you guys have weak pc's. Come on, PC's are used for bit coining not playing games. What is this, 2016..

ProjectVulcan238d ago

The momentum for the project is good. There are now hundreds of titles in an excellent running state. In the past year alone there have been 4 major releases. There is a good chance in another 12 months it'll be a refined emulator where most games can be played through.

Hardware requirements are fairly high, but improvements in the emulation and good old fashioned hardware advances eventually take care of that.

mikeslemonade237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

Pc gaming is very relevant. You stuck with less than 4k and less than 60 frames too often on consoles.

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Kilox238d ago

I expect to see an huge difference with the quality

Profchaos238d ago

Maybe now PC owners can finally play Red dead redemption

Profchaos238d ago

It's been years and they still refuse to buy a $50 second hand console and game

SickSinceSix237d ago

They can at least play it via PS Now