Tenchu 4: Stealth waggle

WiiFanboy: "There's been some confusion about the motion-control content of Tenchu 4, at least on our part -- how pervasive is it? Is it all waggle all the time, or is it basic Tenchu with added motion flavor? What we really needed was for someone to play it and describe it to us."

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Zerodin3597d ago

...especially ones with QTE.

eric1003596d ago

It had QTE

But i agree wii games are just the worst

Captain_Sony3596d ago

Until Sony has a game with QTE then you'll love them again..

Smacktard3597d ago

Wow... Well, you can cross this off my "good-looking Wii gammes" list.

eric1003596d ago

all wii games look crap