1UP: FIFA Soccer 09 Review

1UP writes: "EA Sports takes a lot of crap from bloggers, antifanboys, and haters because they dominate their field. But the truth is that EA Sports is successful for a reason: Them boys make a damn fine soccer game.

FIFA 09 and its "250 core gameplay additions" goes a long way (though not all the way) toward perfecting the critical element in most sports games: feel. FIFA 08 suffered from stilted, unnatural movements and imprecise controls, but 09 models players' physical weight, speed, and momentum with impressive verisimilitude. When players go shoulder to shoulder, the bigger ones realistically push around the smaller ones, while the smaller ones benefit from superior quickness. Thumbstickery is likewise upgraded: It's now easy to string together one-touch passes, switch fields with a long ball, and juke a guy out of his fluorescent-pink, Euro-issue jockstrap without having to brave 08's punishing learning curve."

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