Hellblade Will Have Three Options on XB1X: 60FPS Mode, Enhanced Visuals & High Resolution (up to 4K)

Ninja Theory confirmed that Hellblade on Xbox One X will allow users to choose from a 60FPS mode, an Enhanced Visuals mode and a High Resolution mode which goes up to 4K.

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Imp0ssibl3265d ago

The definitive version of a masterpiece!

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killswitch80265d ago

you mean the version that's already been on PC for awhile. Not Console Fake 4k. I'm disappointed in my X and Pro. FakeK

mandingo264d ago

Bet your pc can’t even run 4K. If it does, good for you spending 1500 dollars.

AAWELLS09264d ago

Always get a good laugh out of how practically every commenter has a high end 4k machine when everyone knows it isn't that common as its made out to be.

xX-oldboy-Xx264d ago

Let's hope it gets the sales to encourage more small devs to take a chance. PS4 owners did the right thing.

Sam Fisher264d ago

Walk pretty, or walk realistically, thats all i read

Z501264d ago

Wouldn't that be PC since this isn't regulated to just consoles.

*I don't play on PC btw. I'm just not delusional.

joab777264d ago

I’m just glad Xbox players get to play this! It’s amazing! And it’s not just the game itself, but how it was made.

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KaiPow265d ago

4K and HDR, talk about a beautiful upgrade.

Alexious265d ago

Can't wait to see it in HDR. That's an edge it will have even on PC.

Direwolf484265d ago

HDR has really stalled on PC. Hopefully the implementation is really well done here.

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_-EDMIX-_265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Respectable upgrade.

killswitch80265d ago

PC is also receiving HDR upgrade nice try.

_-EDMIX-_265d ago

Yeah I was about to say that wouldn't make any sense why it would release on PC without all the options considering it's modular?

Bruh264d ago


There's literally no tech reason behind it, most GPUs support HDMI 2.0 and have drivers capable of delivering HDR, the reason for the lackluster support is because there simply isn't a large quantity of PC monitors that support HDR and even those don't support it properly, lack of UHD certified color space and so on.

Despite what N4G arm chair software engineers wanna say, most people do not hook up their PCs to TVs lol and so developers see no reason to support it. Now on consoles theres a mass market for HDR 4K TVs

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TRU3_GAM3R265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Nice Upgrade over PS4 pro

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Kribwalker265d ago

Confirmed, will be the definitive console version. I’ll buy it again for my onex

killswitch80265d ago

Confirmed, The only good game on Xbox

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narsaku264d ago

I don't understand why people like you aren't getting banned?

OffRoadKing265d ago

Seems like a waste of money, it wont be fundamentally different and the game is really less about video than it is audio. Beside I thought you guys didn't like buying games again.

Ceaser9857361264d ago

I dont see any reason why the sudden bash at Xbox ... I loved HELLBLADE on Pro and its a great game and cant wait for GOW too but this is uncalled for when people start bashing for no reasons... Just my thought...

Xbox people needs to play Hellblade.. Its a short game but damn! its gorgeous and good story also i would suggest you guys to use your Headphones while playing cause the Sound used in this game is out of the world.. and Sound plays an Important role...

Kribwalker264d ago

i’m wondering if it will support Atmos. I know the One supports it, my HT receiver supports it. I might look to pick up a couple atmos speakers then

Ceaser9857361264d ago

If HB receives ATMOS support it will be on a different level of awesomeness.. Hope it gets it..

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