LittleBigPlanet: What will it do for Sony PS3 in Sales?

A number of online stores are taking pre-orders of LittleBigPlanet, this promises to be one of the biggest games for the Sony PS3 this year. There has been so much hype surrounding the game, you have to wonder if it able to live up to all the hype.

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Zerodin3711d ago

Too bad it's going against the 360, and the Wii.
Dunno about that flopbox tho...

Wii has this thing beat on it's own.
Not surprised if the 360 goes unphased too.
One game isn't going to undo 2 years of dirt in Sony's face.

Harri44443711d ago

the Wii is not a console it is more like a yoga program. and it scares me to think that MS and SONY are thinking about making wii like consoles.
the wii is the end of gaming :(

eric1003711d ago

x360 is a dead console

LBP is the final nail in the coffin of x360 in REST OF THE WORLD

IN USA LBP will be huge

But the final nail in the coffin will be put by KZ2

x360 is irrelevant in console war. It is finished now

razer3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

what a weak troll from an expert. i think you also have sand in your mangina along with your compadre eric100. if mgs4 couldnt kill the 360 not one game on the ps3 can do it. mgs4 is your halo and it choked at killing anything.
i showed lbp to my nephews(4 and 6) and they didnt understand it at all and they went back to playing mario on the wii. nintendo has those kids all wrapped up sackboy looks like some kind of psyhchotic looking nightmare before christmas thing no matter how much they make him smile. nintendo has that gift to connect but everyone else is just adults trying to make games they think kids would like and usually fail. you should remember like yesterday when you guys were 6 and someone older tried to tell you whats cool, it was lame.

caffman3710d ago

wasn't MGS4 supposed to kill xbox? Wasn't warhawk? Wasn't Lair?

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Xheratuul3711d ago

can't wait for day 1 sales

My Flopshake brings 3711d ago

It will definitely kill the flopbox,no question about it

Zerodin3711d ago

Yeah, we know it will kill the flopbox, but it's got the 360 to worry about, and the Wii.

eric1003711d ago

Poor MS

everything is over for them

razer3710d ago

ps3 fanboys need to have a douche party here is another one with sand in his mangina.

Silogon3711d ago

It'd be nice if it sold a million in a week, but I don't think it will. I think Sony is banking on a lot of wrong leads, man.

Little big Planet
Motorstorm 2
Resistance 2

Are not big, must have, applications and software. Sony should've done more work early this year to ensure a bigger holiday season. I can't wait for LBP and these games, but that's just me. What about you all? And them over there? Are you sure they're going to buy into this thing to?

Sony walks away the loser this holiday season. I hate to see it happen for the 3 chirstmas in a row, 2 full one for sony but still a 3rd holiday season with the ps3 on the market.

I don't see good things coming their way with their current price. If the Ps3 was 299.00 LBP would be sold out. All over the world. I believe that, but it's not.

Harri44443711d ago

sonys plan is to get 360 owners more and more jealous and they are doing a great job at doing that.

Go Go Sony Rangers3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

This game is one of the most greatest and innovative games that ever graced my console. I thank god everyday that I bought a PS3 on launch. My patience has finally paid off... THANK YOU SONY, THANK YOU GOD!

I just wiped away a tear.


eric1003711d ago

LBP is better than all games on your RROD BOX

Too bad it is averaging at 96% on meta. No game on your OVEN BOX will get that

LBP will be huge . in terms of reviews as well as game/console sales

RIP x360

Go Go Sony Rangers3711d ago

Uhm, I don't know where my opinion of LBP went wrong and I was considered trolling but apparently my opinion is wrong and somehow the 360 was dragged into this. Wrong reply eric100?

ruibing3710d ago

When I ordered mine earlier this week on Amazon, I see that it is ranked top 5 for video games. Usually that spot belongs to lightning deals and Wii related things.

Kratos2153710d ago

But sony has never lost a year to MS

AAACE53710d ago

My main concern is that I finally got to see a few LBP commercials and truthfully... they almost do nothing to promote the greater parts of the game (User-created content). The video they showed had sackboys moving across the screen looking like just a typical side scroller with great graphics. Which would make the typical person think it is a Psp game or something. Their Marketing team better get their act together and show the creativity aspect of the game, cause then it will draw the kind of attention that they want!

@Harry4444... I can honestly tell you that I am in no way jealous of the Ps3! At one point I was jealous, and wanted one really bad... But fanboys like you talk about all these great games like MGS4, Uncharted, Warhawk, etc. Yet, you are on N4G, more than your Ps3 (hey that! So apparantly i'm not missing alot.

And yes, I wanted a Ps3 mainly for FFXIII! But I will just get the 24 disc when it is released for 360...LOL!

It's funny how I give insults and compliments at the same time... see... I'm an equal opportunity *ssh*le! No Fanboy here!

While we're on the subject... I wonder how beautiful and long a game on Ps3 would be if they used up 4 Blu-ray disc?... (No sarcasm, serious question) If Kojima had his way, would he have used that many disc and expanded the gameplay even more?

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LightningPS3PS33711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

could be a game that has long legs and turns out to be a commercial success that does help move some PS3's during the holiday.

This game isn't as much for the hardcore as GTA or Halo who will sell most of it's copies in the first day because fanboys have been waiting for years for their sequel.

But I still think the PS3 needs a price drop to compete with XBOX 360. This holiday. 1 game isn't enough. Halo 3 wasn't enough, MGS4 wasn't enough. Those games boost sales just for a month or so.

In the long run the price makes such a difference.

Snukadaman_3711d ago wont...these delusional morons are setting themselves up for oh the humanity.

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