The Escapist:Hands-On LittleBigPlanet

"Can LittleBigPlanet hold its own in an era of games built around cinematic narratives and wide-open exploration?

After four days with the beta (and they were very full days), I can answer with an unqualified Yes."

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jkhan3626d ago

I would love to Yahtzee review on LBP:P

ryuzu3626d ago

Make level based on his comments - hehe.

Perhaps hitting him over the head with all the great games he's slammed hehe.

Zerodin3626d ago

As in "It's not perfect".

PirateThom3626d ago

For someone who is so down on the game, you've managed to find yourself in every LBP article.

I'm glad the game bothers you that much.