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After spending the last couple of weeks playing the wonderfully unique, hilarious and hugely ambitious plaything that is LittleBigPlanet, I am prepared to declare that it's going to be very difficult for anything else to dislodge it from the lofty position of "my favourite game of 2008".

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Zerodin3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Blog posts are ok, as long as they praise something PS3 Related.
Case in point, that post about a guy giving the game 8.8, droids were reporting the hell out of it.

My Flopshake brings 3566d ago

But please,do go on with your rambling.

Zerodin3566d ago

I said that the only time they are ok, is when it's something praising Sony. You really are why siblings shouldn't fvck.

My Flopshake brings 3566d ago

"I said that the only time they are ok, is when it's something praising Sony."

Therein lies your problem.

ICUP3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

So this only apply to droids and not xbots? hmmm.......

sushipoop3566d ago

@ Zerodick: The "8.8" story was reported because they didn't really give it a score. Maybe if you learned how to read you'd know this but you're a 360 fan so [email protected] pretty much runs in your blood.


I removed Zerodins bubble,what about you :D !!!!!!!!!!!

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El_Colombiano3566d ago



MAR-TYR-DOM3566d ago

"my favourite game of 2008"
Who agrees?

eXo83565d ago

Me too, beta alone had me hooked. I brought some friends over to try it out and I got them hooked too.

GOTY all the way, I can't remember the last time a game had me feeling like a little kid watching cartoons or playing mario again..

INehalemEXI3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

I spent hours just creating one object. Stayed Up over 24 hrs creating lvls. excellent beta there was some issues but thats what beta testing is for. Great game. It will be the game that makes me buy a ps eye. To make custom assets for my levels. It is up there with MGS4 I can't pick favorites between the 2.

DARKKNIGHT3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

My girl has forced my hand + the game has grown on me and i havent even played it!!

needless to say, i searched my area for someone that had it, and i fond 1 store that will have a copy for me tomorrow.

im pretty freaking stoked to see what all this MAGIC is about.

Go Go Sony Rangers3565d ago

I really wish it was my favorite game, but I want a little more than just a platformer. Please don't tell it's 'MORE THAN A PLATFORMER' cause it really just is a platformer + editor + physics. I want a worth while game for my launch PS3. :(

mfwahwah3565d ago


"Please don't tell it's 'MORE THAN A PLATFORMER'"

You have to be willing to accept my help before I can give it to you. It really is "MORE THAN A PLATFORMER."

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eric1003565d ago

It is the official gaming pad of AGE --biggest newspaper in AUSTRALIA and also on of the most respectable in the world

Go Go Sony Rangers3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

I've been on this watching this site for a while now and so far eric100, you're on every single Sony and Microsoft page spamming your LBP praise and trolling other Microsoft news. No one wants to hear it anymore. I know I don't. You are annoying and a fanboy and even I can see that and I'm biased to my PS3.

mfwahwah3565d ago

"No one wants to hear it anymore."

Speak for yourself please. Your opinions stray far from my own.

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My Flopshake brings 3565d ago

Obviously,it's a Ps3 exclusive thus the AAAA quality gameplay is there

SolidSnake933565d ago

What's up with the massively long names?

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