SpiderMonk Entertainment on the Dreamy Beginnings and Future of Roogoo

Earlier this year developer SpiderMonk Entertainment unleashed onto the gaming world Roogoo. A cute n' cuddly story-driven puzzle game in which Roogoo, is tasked with saving his home world from the power-hungry clutches of King Moo, his son Prince Moo and their motley crew of followers, the MeeMoo. In order to do so Roogoo must travel across 6 different environments and 45 stages to collect and sort the falling meteors that once brought life, energy and joy to the peaceful world of Roo.

Taking a short Roo-nap from his adventures on both Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC, Roogoo is gearing up for two all-new adventures on the Nintendo Wii and DS.

Dark Diamond caught up with with President/Creative Director, Scott March of SpiderMonk Entertainment to ask him about the wonderful world of Roogoo and what we can expect too see from the upcoming Wii and DS versions of the game.

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