The First Horizon: Zero Dawn Playtest Was "Absolutely Brutal"

One of the biggest highlights of the 2017 video game calendar was Guerilla Games' Horizon: Zero Dawn. The open-world, adventure game swept plenty of awards and critical acclaim, but according to Guerrilla Games designer Eric Boltjes, the first playtest of the game was met with overwhelming negative reception

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DarkVoyager208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

“but according to Guerrilla Games designer Eric Boltjes, the first playtest of the game was met with overwhelming negative reception”

And look what they achieved in the end. All that hard work really paid off. We got one of the best new IP of this generation.

Thanks Guerrilla Games for taking a chance and creating something new and fresh.

Can’t wait for the next installment!

joab777207d ago

I love hearing how play testing actually helped. Though it’s funny that they didn’t change resource management at all. That is the one area I wanted more of. More rpg aspects, like more items to gather to make more gear and weapons, upgrading etc.

But they have a rock solid foundation to build upon. Can’t wait for HZD2. Or Horizon:Whatever LoL!

Eonjay207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

I mean that means that they got their monies worth and they took advantage of the feedback. Wasn't there a story about how EA for bad feedback about Andromeida and still pushed it through without seriously addressing it. I think this shows were different teams attack a project differently. I beat EA will be taking their play testing seriously now. Remember Zero Dawn was delayed a few months. This is probably why...

Master of Unlocking205d ago

I agree on that. I finished Horizon Zero Dawn not too long ago and absolutely loved it, but there's one area where the game could have been better, and it's as an RPG. There's not enough loot, not enough equipment, weapons, items, and it's a bit barebones for an RPG. If there's ever a sequel, which I really hope there'll be, it needs to be more fleshed out. For a start, the damage inflicted to enemies cannot be always the same. You see the same arbitrary number pop out when you attack them, but as you get closer, or on higher ground or w/e that number never changes, which is not normal. A lot of games get that wrong, not just HZD, but still. It also needs a lot more enemies, not more enemy types, but just more human enemies, in groups. And considering the context, it could also do with more survival elements, like food and drinkable water management, medicine, etc.
But for a first step in RPG territory it was mighty impressive, esp. for a western dev.

MasterCornholio207d ago

Really cool that Sony didn't cancel the game after that. I'm happy that they are willing to take those risks.

PhoenixUp207d ago

They seriously improved in a years worth of development then

ps3vita4life207d ago

Yes they did! It’s even more impressive that it was GG’s first attempt at an open-world RPG and they managed to make one of the best in this genre and certainly one of my favourite games of all time

Minute Man 721207d ago

Was it too hard? Didn't read the article

RioKing207d ago

Apparently reading the article was too hard. lol

Minute Man 721207d ago

Set myself up for that one LoL. Actually I'm sick right now and didn't feel like reading

Uglyday207d ago

I always check the comments first to make sure I don’t give a click to something that doesn’t deserve it.

AZRoboto207d ago

I was sceptical of Horizon and Guerilla - Killzone didn't resonate with me and something so different from their history gave me pause.

Still having not played Horizon in my backlog, I can't wait to get to it. The reception proves me completely wrong and dragged them away from being just a Killzone house.

Meanwhile over at the MS camp, the studio dedicated to Halo is taking longer than ever in franchise history to pump out the next major installment. It's clear to see the difference in culture and quality when the developers are clear to breed fresh ideas on a clean slate.

bloop207d ago

Agreed on KZ. As a whole I'd probably have rated the series just above average. Solid shooters, but the story/lore never pulled me in and always wanted to see what else GG could do. They knocked it out of the park with HZD. That game is amazing in every respect. Visuals, audio, story, gameplay............ all absolutely awesome. One of the best games of this gen without doubt.

SpringHeeledJack207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

The lore and story is brilliant and showcases one of the future problems with the humanity if we ever leave this planet and colonize other planets. Humans on another planet will declare themselves as a separate race, develop differently etc. Hopefully Killzone 4 will be developed at some point or at least a remastered Killzone 2 & 3

Bruh207d ago

Uhh its been like 3 years and most likely we'll see a new Halo title this year, not to mention longer development time isn't necessarily a bad thing and lastly 343i CHOOSES to only do Halo. Microsoft does not hold a gun to their head and force them to pump out only Halo titles.

Don't expect a new IP from Coalition or 343i until they finish their current trilogies

frostypants206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

No doubt HZD completely blows away Killzone on almost every level. HZD is one of my favorite games of all time. Killzone was to me just another shooter. It never hooked me.

fonger08207d ago

It’d be pretty cool to get another one before this gen is over... but with all the rumors swirling of a PS5 in 2019/2020, that’s probably unlikely.

frostypants206d ago

They could do a cross-gen release.

fonger08206d ago

That’s a good point. I just hope they announce something sooner than later. Really looking forward to discovering possibly another area and learning more about the story.

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