Dragon's Crown on PS3 and Vita receives new update ahead of PS4 remake

Last generations iterations of fantasy RPG-brawler Dragon's Crown are to receive a new update. This patch will not only prepare both the PS3 and PS Vita editions for cross-play with upcoming PS4 remake Dragon's Crown Pro, but they will also retroactively add new features to the game.

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Kostche267d ago

Same cannot wait, this game is so good

ILostMyMind267d ago

Yeah! There are "only" ~280 days to play It. 😅

SuperSonic91267d ago

Since Atlus is with Sega I hope Vanillaware gets the rights to do Altered Beast, Shinobi, Golden Axe or Streets of Rage.

Protagonist266d ago

that is some really good picks if vanillaware were to remake some games.

Wrex369267d ago

Very addicting game hope for a sequel

267d ago
Michiel1989267d ago

I loved Odin's Sphere and i have no clue why I never picked up Dragon's Crown. Certainly wont make the same mistake again with the ps4 release ^^

SuperSonic91267d ago

Please do it so much fun battling the Bosses esp the Dragon.

SuperSonic91267d ago

Thank you very much Vanillaware!
You guys are awesome.
You have breathe in much life to my favorite PS3 game.
I had a feeling you guys are gonna do this great move.
You will always have my love and support.
Couch Co-op FTW. We need more games like this.
Can't wait for a sequel.