G.O.S. TV - Call of Duty: World at War Beta Gameplay

LexYayo from Games On Smash shows gameplay of Call of Duty: World at War Beta.

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Maxned3713d ago

Yo man dats sum tite sh** rite der. DATS SUM OLD-ASS WEAPONS 2.

Somehow I think the narrator never made it throught High School...

Lex_Yayo_4073713d ago

I made it through High School and I am in College as we speak homeboy. So don't act like you the smartest thing in the world when your not. I'm from the hood, that's how people talk when your from the hood. You must not know about that because you probably live in the burbs. Don't judge someone you don't know by just listening to the way they speak. That is just no common sense what so ever. GROW UP!!!!

Martini3712d ago

That is some funny sh!t - dude you seriously crack me up with your comments on the vid.