Will LittleBigPlanet save the PS3 from the Wii & Xbox 360?

Does it need saving? Maybe, depending on your point of view. What is clear is that Sony needs a killer app for the PS3 that appeals to all, gains mainstream attention, and tempts gamers away from the Wii and Xbox 360. Could LittleBigPlanet be that game?

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Zerodin3684d ago

Realistically: It will move some units, but it won't give that much of a push! Look at MGS4. Decent sales, but it quickly diminished, and now PS3 is getting beaten in MS.

eric1003683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

PS3 will stomp x360 in sales even at 3x the price point

just wait for LBP's release

PS3 will outsell x360 based on just EU sales . yea u heard that again --just EU sales

It will give massive boost to PS3 HW.

However nothing saves that crap box 3 FIX ME

gambare3683d ago

well.... then M$ did it without the need of JRPGs? oh no.... M$ hog some JRPGs and got the momentum of the price cut, just that.

JOLLY13683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

your new id has only been on n4g for 4.5 days and you have over 200 messages. Why don't you go to sleep a bit. I would tell you to go play your ps3, but you don't have one. On topic....I think it will help a few people purchase a ps3, but I don't think too many main stream outlets are really covering littlebigplanet. It needs to get on Good Morning America or something.

dktxx23684d ago

No. The ps3 doesn't need saving. LBP is just one in a long list of great exclusive games coming out for the ps3.

eric1003683d ago

PS3 will easily outsell x360 this Fall

However with LBP it might crush Wii as well. I wont be surprised

TripleTags3683d ago

PS3 needs a price cut or its going to get creamed in the U.S. in this climate. EVEN THOUGH IT HAS THE BEST GAMES THIS SEASON HANDS DOWN.

anh_duong3683d ago

i agree the ps3 =/= wii. i have wii and only use it for casual/party games. for the rest of my gaming the ps3 (recent xbox purchase) will suffice.. people who write articles like these miss the point altogether

Apocalypse Shadow3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

LBP will sell may move consoles.
resistance2 will sell may move consoles.
motorstorm:pacific rift will sell may move consoles.

there are more games coming out for ps3 that will do the above that i don't have to mention.and ps3 as a bluray player will do the same.

but this saving crap has got to's an ancient chinese secret about sony:

"sony does not care what nintendo or microsoft does as long as these companies do not interupt their 10 million sales or more of ps3 each year."

10 million(+) x 10 years=100 million console sales.

that's all they care about.a scej rep menntioned that they want microsoft to do well.and i'd bet that sony wants nintendo to do well.and we can see that third parties don't want sony to destroy the competition or lose to the competition.which is one reason besides dev costs that games have spread out.the market stays healthy with competition.

but 10 million or more consoles sold each year is all sony cares about.and if that 10 million consumers pick up bluray movies to watch as well as games,that's just icing on the cake for them.


spectyre3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Very well put. I don't care if the PS3 is first, middle or last... just as long as Sony makes enough in console and game sales to justify the development cost of their games. I bought a PS3 and I am enjoying it very much. I hope that Xbox fans and Wii fans are as satisfied with their system of choice as I am with mine.

RememberThe3573683d ago

I agree, all I want is for Sony to keep making the great first party titles they're putting out. The only way they're going to keep putting these games out is to sell them in good numbers. If a good number ends up being last, oh f*ckin well, at least they made money and they're making more games.

Roukuko3684d ago

i dont think anyone can catch the wii at this point, but if the ps3 big name games dropping soon end up good then they can probly catch the 360.

DarkBlood3684d ago

so if we buy a blueray movie that means sony is making some money?

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