Target Expecting 'Healthy Supply' of Wiis This Holiday

James Brightman of GameDaily writes:

"We recently caught up with retail chain Target to talk about Wii supply, video game sales in a mass market retailer, competing with GameStop, Wal-mart and others, and more."

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NO_PUDding3686d ago

Becuase the fad is dying.

IzKyD13313686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

it's far from dying, didn't you hear? swinging your arms like a maniac, and leaning from side to side is all the rage *flails arm imagining playing a Wii* it's just not the same without a dildo shaped controller

Gr813686d ago

Pretty positive news for people to finally be able to purchase the Wii this holiday and what do we have but three fanboys being the first to post, might as well be "Mo, Larry & Curly"

Anyway, if this is true I think Wii may break records this holiday season.

Shaka2K63686d ago

How many non-gamers out there have gone and bought a Wii just because it’s the cool thing to do? I personally know a bunch of people who have it and own zero games for the system other than Wii Sports, which ships with it. People aren’t playing the Wii, they want it as a status symbol.