IGN: Damnation: Steampunk Meets the Civil War

Damnation is a third-person shooter under development by Blue Omega Entertainment and Codemasters set in an alternate history in which the Civil War never ended. Instead of winding down with the reunification of the United States, things spiraled out of control in Damnation's backstory and turned even uglier than in real life.

The lead character is Hamilton Rourke, a dangerous looking tough guy with a broad-brimmed black hat and a small arsenal of fantastical weaponry. Rourke and his crew, the Peacemakers, are on a mission to shut down an evildoer named Prescott, who's essentially a war profiteer-turned-industrialist.

It's an intriguing setting for a videogame, full of unchecked violence and high stakes, and Blue Omega has taken the concept even further by laying a steampunk aesthetic over Damnation. The result is part western movie, part war game and part revisionist history graphic novel. IGN recently spoke to the developers about why they chose a steampunk design, how it's applied in the game and how to build gas-powered shotguns.

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