IGN: Fable II: The Gunslinger

The original Fable didn't have guns, but Fable II takes place more than 500 years later. This is a swashbuckling age where pistols are as common as swords. If you prefer to be a traditionalist, there are crossbows available for purchase. Just don't expect to impress the ladies with a bow and arrow. A gun gives you swagger.

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FCOLitsjustagame3686d ago

Ok, only one week to go. yay!
Only question do I try to fit in Dead Space first? Dam yeah and I still have that certification I got to study for.....

Mwaan3686d ago

You don't shoot a guy in the D!CK. You just don't.

Radiodread3686d ago

"...I mean shooting a guy in the d!ck, that's just..weak"

"It's ok butters just say Herro a lot and prease. Like Oh herro prease ping pong ching chang."

AtomBomb3686d ago

You have to love a game that lets you specifically target an enemy's groin...