X-Play's Fallout 3 Special Is Tonight

Tonight, X-Play is dedicating an entire half-hour to talking with the people of Bethesda Softworks about the highly anticipated RPG title, Fallout 3. Adam and Morgan will bring you exclusive footage as well as interviews with Todd Howard and the entire Bethesda team. Don't miss a minute of X-Play's in-depth look at one of this season's hottest titles, Fallout 3. It all happens Tonight @ 8:30PM ET, right after our continuing coverage of Tokyo Game Show 08, only on G4!

Can't wait till tonight? Check out this sneak peek of X-Play's Fallout 3 Special with this in-depth look at the weapons and combat system of Fallout 3.

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morganfell3686d ago

Well they had better start impressing me. I have the Collector's Edition paid off and I am considering canceling. The AI are little more than damage sponges that stand there and take rounds. If there hasn't been a change then I may have to shift money off this thing.

aiphanes3686d ago

The real game will have good AI...this game is looking awesome. A lot of people are writing it off...but this will be a awesome game...

morganfell3685d ago

Dude...go to Gametrailers right now and look at the latest demos. The game is complete and the AI are still dumb as hell.