Not So Fast: Just What Is Morningstar Saying?

It got reignited today: The Metal Gear Solid 4 to 360 rumor. IGN was reporting that a Japanese financial site called Morningstar quoted a Konami public relations representative as saying, "We're actively looking into a release for the Xbox 360." Of course, that is using their quote that they got from whatever translation program they used, because the two main web site translation services, Yahoo's Babalfish and Google Translation, each had just enough differences in how the Japanese Kanja was translated to leave a little doubt in just what that quote meant. Before we even HEAR the official word from Konami or Hideo Kojima himself (they have yet to comment), we would like to share with you a few details about how this was translated, and you make the call (of course, with our usual sarcasm and smart-alleckness).

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Zerodin3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

The rumor is already being talked about again!
Personally I could go either way.
I don't want Konami's interactive movies on the 360, but at the same time I love it when droids go BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!

TheTimeDoctor3717d ago

you should want it. its a damn good game.

strotee3717d ago

"Mommy, mommy, the game is doing it again. I don't understand what these adults are saying and I can't control them with my Fritos encrusted fingers, they are using big words, please make it stop. I just want to run around in my linebacker outfit and hear grunting. OMG, my head hurts, I need a nap."

she00win993717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

so you rather want to play this game

eric1003717d ago

MGS4/5/6 will also be ps3 exclusive

Thats just easy

Zerodin3717d ago

Never even played the first Gears.

ICUP3717d ago

How can u not play the first Gears, it was gay old fun so i hear from the gay community.

Bon Scott3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

keep this movie game off of our 360s.

We understand you need the sales(because the PS3 isn't up to snuff)
but please try not to port this crap.


EDIT to ICUP above.

Don't worry kid,
You and your queer Sony fan friends have DEFINITELY taken the prize by
enjoying each others SACKS in LBP.
Congratulations gayboy.

morganfell3717d ago

Just remember, not including cutscenes, average MGS4 play time - 20 hours. Gears of War 2 predicted play time - 10 hours. Do the math.

I won't even talk about how R2 crushes Gears in the play department. 2 campaigns AND 60 player MP. Call the coroner. Gears 2 is dead on arrival.

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eric1003717d ago

It is just a rumour

MGS4 and its future installments will stay ps3 exclusives

after LBP's rise to the peak Most devs will start making games exclusive for PS3

TECMO is making an exclusive ps3 game.just incase u are wondering

morganfell3717d ago

No if anything this helps kill the rumor. The last thing Konami is going to do is piss off Kojima like they did last time.

He isn't Itagaki. If Kojma walks he takes all of Kojima productions with him. That is almost a hundred very talented people. Sony would be all over him with any deal he wanted and Konami knows this.

nieto23717d ago

google translator says:In addition Konami <9766> to the highest attention. Was a popular venue epic "Metal Gear Solid 4" (PS3's), "a lot of demand in the world for the launch of the Xbox360, are also considered forward-looking" (Konami's public relations office良隆well Kai) And, of course, in view of multi-platform. However, PS3 will be available only to lose the title at the Sony <6758> is likely to be a negative factor. The series is the Sony camp is the only major brand, depending on future trends and the Konami affect Sony's share price can not deny the possibility.

eric1003717d ago

do u think any dev would put effort on a DEAD CONSOLE

TECMO went PS3 exclusive with QUANTUM THEORY

PS3 will sell 100m units this gen in europe alone

It is over

MGS4/5/6/7 will remain exclusive to PS3 platforms

get over it

nieto23717d ago

the X360 already has a lot of third party exclusives why can't the PS3 have one?

Esena3717d ago

They have third part exclusives?

nieto23717d ago

yeah, Star Ocean 4, Infinite Undiscovery, Ace Combat 6, etc.

eric1003717d ago

OS4/AC/IU are megaflopped games

Those are not made by KOJIMA

KOJIMA hates x360 if u are unaware

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