Playstation launches Youtube channel

Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. (SCEA) has teamed up with YouTube, the world's most popular online video community allowing millions of people to discover, watch and share originally created videos, to create a PLAYSTATION®-branded channel that delivers exclusive video content to the worldwide PlayStation community.

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morganfell3686d ago

PS tube just owned Live with that one. Now with all the expiring warranties next month, look out.

TheMART3686d ago

I've heard that so many times the past two years, but PSN was gimped and still is gimped. Its nowhere near XBL in terms of quality or even services.

You shouldn't want YouTube. You should want working cross game multiplayer invites, chat, co-op invites, you know what makes an online community. With the fall update on the 360 PSN will even have more troubles catching up. The party system in the new dash looks hot.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3686d ago

...takes over the World!!! ;-P

NEW!!! For xBox 360!!!...PooTube!!! ;-D

heyheyhey3686d ago

Xbox Live dies because of a youtube channel???? no that's wrong

Xbox Live dies because of Home, not some Youtube channel that basically already exists (user made)

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Deviant3686d ago

..watched Mortal Kombat yesterday ..dont bash me xD

Bathyj3686d ago

We wont. I use that line all the time.

Its practically the best bit from the whole series, although if you ever get a chance to say Flawless Victory and pass it up you'll kick yourself for ages.

juuken3686d ago

Lol, no bashing at all.
The first Mortal Kombat was a good movie. :D

SlyGuy3686d ago

...and for some reason I used to enjoy the cartoon as well.

When i watch the cartoon now...I wonder what I was smoking back then.

vhero3686d ago

who needs netflix when you got this nearly every movie and tv series is on youtbe uploaded by somebody :p

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White-Sharingan3686d ago

too late

they steal at the speed of light

gameforall3686d ago

Microsoft will not implement a YouTube page, it's owed by Google. Another M$ enemy

joemayo763686d ago

LOL ....ahhh priceless :D thnx for the laugh thats jus what i needed after midterms :)

Bnet3433686d ago

They don't even have a web browser so I doubt it but they have Netflix, you can share movies with other Live members.

LoVeRSaMa3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

God I Love Sony and Google :D

They together maybe with Apple should defeat the Evil microsoft and win prizes for all!

bouncybullet3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Steals the idea?

When did Microsoft steal an idea from Sony?

The Marketplace?
No.. 360 had that first.
The Video Store?
No... Sony stole that one too.

LoVeRSaMa3686d ago

bouncybullet are you thick?

kratos-i-am3686d ago

lol Microsoft stole the whole idea of going into the console race from Sony! They were worried that Sony would eventually own peoples living rooms with their hardware!

IzKyD13313686d ago

lol gameforall is on the money
google b!tch slaps microsoft on a daily bases

god_o_war3686d ago


scene it

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sonarus3686d ago

This is great.
Now Youtube video recording for ALL games please. I have pixel junk eden and i haven't even played it once haha but i hear it has the feature.

I have soo many psn games i haven't gotten a chance to play yet

chaosatom3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

You're going to be wasted playing that game.

Getting some trophies is hellish but u figure out that there is even a more complex gameplay underneath by doing so.

recording is good to, but needs to be defined and keeping it in the folder is better than uploading because it takes time.

Edit: yeah, eventhough I Will NEver get 50 spectras, the 38 or so I have gotten, i am satisfied with.

EDIT2: behind Wipeout? Is wipeout that good. Is it too hard?

bunbun7773686d ago

You my friend , are right. And I think you are one of the first I've read to comment on this "hidden gameplay" that I was trying to rant and rave about when this game came out--- Seriously, if you can imagine your Grimp getting there, it can get there and the ways it happens can be down right amazing.

36-50 spectra so far!

Johnny Cullen3686d ago

Seriously, you need to get this game, it's the 2nd best game on the PS Store behind WipEout HD.

It's seriously great.

Bnet3433686d ago

Super Stardust HD owns all >:3

SlyGuy3686d ago

the other PixelJunk games more.

Particularly PixelJunk Monsters.

I find that Eden can be terribly frustrating at times.

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