Big Download Review: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization

According to the developers a Firaxis Games, Colonization is one of the most requested revivals among all the classic Sid Meier games. Seeing as how games like Pirates! and Railroads! already saw remakes, it's only logical that Colonization should see its turn too. On its surface, Colonization comes off as a highly detailed mod for Civilization IV. However, once you get beyond the familiar Civ4 graphics and interface, you'll find a game that bears only a passing semblance to Civilization. Unlike Civ4, Colonization only has one goal: to build a self-sufficient colony in the New World and amass enough wealth to declare independence from the mother country (England, Spain, France or the Netherlands) within a designated number of turns. Even though there's only one victory condition, it's a mountainous one, and colonizing the New World gets tough pretty fast.

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