Street Fighter Podcast #8 - Street Fighter 4 Frame Data Discussion with Ed Ma & Ken I just put out a new episode of The Street Fighter Podcast. This time the topic is frame data in Street Fighter 4. Discussion includes:

- Why frame data is important
- How it can be used
- Practical uses with Ken

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Tacki3689d ago

First time I've ever listened to this podcast, but I really think I'm going to have to start tuning in from now on. Some really interesting stuff and I need something to keep me till Street Fighter IV hits consoles. Well, something besides all the great games that are hitting before then that is.

I didn't even plan on really listening all the way to the end... but once I started I wanted to hear more and I just couldn't stop till it was over. Came away with some great information and in a way it's just nice to hear others who are excited for Street Fighter IV.

scrubgosu3685d ago

This stuff is pretty awesome. Theres no sf4 machine in my city so I'd have to go to sfsu or sjsu but I can't drive either ;_;. Do you know if you can focus attack on wakeup?

gootecks3683d ago

Thanks for the kind words! Yes you can focus on wakeup, so one thing you can do is when someone tries to cross you up, you can wakeup focus and dash cancel backwards to avoid another hit, then recharge your life.