Can Xbox Game Pass Save Sea Of Thieves?

'Sea of Thieves' seems difficult to recommend at $60, but many people are checking it out for $10 -- or for free.

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Razzer265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Seems like Game Pass is the only thing keeping this game afloat, frankly. So it is easy to give the game a pass considering it is free with the service, but the problem is there is no guarantee the game will still be on Game Pass when they add in all the content it currently lacks.

TargusX265d ago

Not owning the game = good? What.

TheCommentator265d ago

Rare plans to keep supporting the game as long as people keep playing it so the amount of concurrent players is at least as important to it's success as the amount of sales. This, IMO, is true because the more content Rare adds the more players will want to return to play. So players may stop playing, then start up again when there's new stuff to do; and this cycle could continue to evolve the game for many years so long as player counts stay up (which don't require sales).

Also, when any new 1st party game comes out you can be assured that Game Pass will have more subscribers for that month, which means another chance to play SoT for any new content. Remember that MS is seeing some revenue from Game Pass too, which is good for business. Even when people subscribe just to rent SoT for a month, some who spend the $10 will stay subscribed because of its' value, which is good too. Rare will also have cosmetic MT's to earn some revenue from people who may not have purchased the game, which is good (that it's only cosmetic stuff).

Most importantly, the game won't be remembered for what it was, but what it is. Like Drive Club, the game may not be the greatest at launch but will get better over time.