Horizon: Zero Dawn Scores Big at NAVGTR Awards With Seven Wins

Guerrilla's Horizon: Zero Dawn is the top winner at this year's NAVGTR (National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers) Awards with seven wins. Cuphead got six, while Super Mario Odyssey and Persona 5 both won five times.

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hench07116d ago

Bravo for Nintendo for winning another GOTY award.

Cyborgg116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

The all did great especially Sony and Nintendo.

MarineLineman116d ago

Reading not your strong suit?

Babadook7116d ago

Where’s the category for most lucrative micro transactions? EA got robbed!

Moonman115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Why the disagrees for hench07? The article clearly says Super Mario Odyssey won GOTY. :)

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darthv72116d ago

A fantastic game indeed... well deserving of the wins.

DarkVoyager116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Well deserved. Horizon Zero Dawn is a technical masterpiece. I’ve really enjoyed the game so far as I’m currently finishing up The Frozen Wilds.

Amazing new franchise for Guerilla Games going forward.

sampsonon116d ago

yeah, can't believe such an amazing game play, beautiful, and all around great story like Horizon has didn't win any game of the year awards.

porkChop116d ago

Honestly, it was a really great year with tons of GOTY-level contenders. Great for us, but it's difficult for awards. Doesn't take away from the game though, Horizon is still a really good game.

SurgicalMenace116d ago

It all comes down to volume and saturation, so sales are a large indicator in GOTY assessment. If a game that sales less is deemed GOTY then the risk of offending would be viewers or supporters is greatly increased, because it is about them and what they think not the gaming experience. Otherwise, what did Zelda do different than the Witcher or Horizon? Zelda, essentially, did what was different than other Zelda games not from other games available. So it wins due to so many supporters gelling over just how different the experience was, while some that have played The Witcher or the like will not share in the same sentiment. So, it comes off as more amazing due to it being so "different" from the Zelda formula. Once coupled with the volume of Zelda supporters, you have an outcome that can never be different. Look throughout the history of Nintendo titles and you will also see the same trend.

Ceaser9857361116d ago

Well deserved .. Congrats GG.. You guys have created a Masterpiece and have raised the bar also motivated other first party to create something new and different. That being said i hope both Ghost of tsushima and Days Gone follows the path. Those two looks amazing..

-Foxtrot116d ago

Shame The Evil Within 2 missed the Action award, it's becoming underrated at this point. Such a fantastic sequel.

_-EDMIX-_116d ago

Absolutely agreed.

What's so sad and sucks is in another time or generation Evil Within 2 easily would have won game of the year. That's such an underrated game it's not even funny

VersusDMC116d ago

The open world environment was meh for Evil within 2. The town looked really plain and you were navigating that area for most of the game. And some the voice acting was really bad... But since this could be one of the last "RE4" type games for awhile people should pick it up. Hopefully RE2 Remake uses the same gameplay style...

KaiPow116d ago

What a well deserved win!

AspiringProGenji116d ago

👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻

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