Palit GeForce 9800 GT Super+ 1GB Video Card (Benchmark Reviews)

It's a great time for those in the market for a new video card, in just a few short months we've seen the debuts of over half a dozen different boards. At the high-end, high-priced segment Benchmark Reviews has showcased such great offerings from NVIDIA as the GTX 280 and ATI/AMD's HD 4870x2, while at the other end of the spectrum the mainstream budget cards releases are almost too plentiful and mediocre to mention. This brings us to today's review of the mid-range Palit GeForce 9800 GT Super+ 1GB video card NE/9800TXT302 from NVIDIA. In the recent clamor of releases NVIDIA has quietly slipped in the 9800 GT, seemingly from nowhere and without much publicity.

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