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Amid Evil is a fantasy-action FPS that feels like the popular first-person shooter games released in the 90s. Like New Blood Interactive’s Dusk, it contains level design, weapon styles, enemies, interface elements, and other design choices from Quake, Heretic, and similar games.

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ThatDudeMunkee268d ago

Not sure I actually can agree with some of the points made in this. I've been playing Amid Evil myself. I've had very few issues with the resolutions, as they actually do feel very Hexen/Heretic and Turok inspired versus that of Quake. Also, the mouse input. I've had very little issues with the response of the mouse feeling too sluggish or not. Sounds like it could be a hardware issue or a firmware issue with the mouse. I have the game turning faster than I'd wish, but simply because I was changing the DPI on my mouse.

But overall, this impression is almost exactly what my experience has been. It's fun, it's frantic, and man did the first boss make me beyond excited for the full release.