Conan Exiles Currently At 1440p On Xbox One X, Final Number Not Decided Yet

Funcom discuss frame rates and resolutions for the upcoming console versions.

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Belinker300180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Umm 'true 4k' ? Maybe only in an empty sandbox like SOT


What? Forza Horizon, The Witcher 3, PUBG, The Elder Scrolls Online, AC are native 4k on X

Belinker300180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Pubg after 11 patches is still a technical disaster,30fps on the rest.At least the Pro admits to using upscaling and uses the term 'dynamic 4k' some games using a resolution scaler up to achieving 4k.Their are compromises on both mid gen refreshes.1440p is better than 720-900p on og Xbox One tho

killswitch80179d ago

PUBG not native 4k. Elder Scrolls Online uses an ancient mmo engine, Hero engine is terrible. AC is also not 2160p. "TRUE" 4k is Native 2160p.

killswitch80179d ago

My phone can run racings games well. Its not really a good example of resolution.

CruseMissle180d ago

Yeah because Conan Exhiles have a lot to do with PBUG. Don’t make dumb comments if it’s 1440p on xbx1 it will be lower on the PS platforms.

Belinker300180d ago

I never said it won't have a lower resolution on Pro,only you are dumb to think otherwise

Belinker300180d ago

MHW and Metal gear survive run well below 4k with their One X enhanced patches too

killswitch80179d ago

Best thing I did with X was sell it.