GameZone: WipeOut HD Review

GameZone writes:

"I have been playing Wipeout titles since I was a much younger (and thinner) lad. Some have been pretty good, others have failed to deliver on the fast-paced thrills, but I had high hopes for this downloadable title. To be honest with you, I am four for four when it comes to Sony's downloadable games. Every one of them has been a blast to play, were well worth the smaller price tag, and delivered on pretty much every front. But could I go five for five? Would the law of averages kick in and make this the first stinker to grace my download list? In a word ... Nope."

Gameplay 9.2
Graphics 9.2
Sound 9
Difficulty Hard
Concept 8.5
Multiplayer 9.3
Overall 9.1

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Area_513686d ago

It can be a pain to get a gold medal in a race!!