Ripten Review: Dead Space

Ripten writes:

"Dead Space somewhat unabashedly borrows from previous games that have already been successful, tossing aside the need to build something new. While it does have a bit of innovation thrown in there, Dead Space isn't really treading much new ground. How this makes you feel about the game is entirely dependent upon how you feel about previous survival-horror games.

After a mere five minutes in, I couldn't stop calling Dead Space "Resident Evil 4: Space". It has all the trappings of Resident Evil 4: over-the-shoulder camera, controls, scarce supplies, and zombie-esque beings to shoot. After a while, "Resident Evil 4: Space" became "BioShock Presents: Resident Evil 4: Space"."

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lamigol3712d ago

What a strange review. If I hadnt looked at the score of 8.5 at the start I would have read two thirds of the review and thought it was an average game. Then all of a sudden it praises it highly and doesnt explain why. So, it borrows ideas from other games, namely resi 4, so isnt original, isnt scary and doesnt contain a gripping narrative but still gets 8.5 ??? Im getting this anyway, ive read about 6 reviews so far and each one has praised it and scored it highly. You just think that theyve based the score on other reviews first and added their own opinion after

Nostradavis3712d ago

Yes, it's a shame that you actually had to read the entire review to fully understand the writers opinion! Why couldn't he just state it all in the first paragraph and make the rest of the review a big picture of a puppy.

Twizlex3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Hahaha @Nostradavis.

I see your point though, lamigol. It's not the best review I've ever seen, but it says it feels like RE4 in space. RE4 was a good game, so if this feels the same then I can understand the 8.5, even after all the negative stuff said.