Facebook Video App Is Now Available On Xbox One

Game consoles like the Xbox One are actually meant for gaming, however, it can also be used as a media for other entertainment and social interactions.

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PhoenixUp180d ago

Curious question and not trying to troll

Without Kinect how are future Xbox One owners supposed to video chat on their systems?

morganfell180d ago

After Facebook's recent admission of customer data use why would you want a Facebook account. I technically had one years ago. I went on, signed up, got my real name, then closed the account.

optimus179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

that nonsense is overblown...for 1 i doubt anyone has any pertinent information on their facebook outside of what they had for breakfast and what vacation spot they had fun at...people are hypocrites. they get up and arms about someone they don't know potentially seeing their pics, friends, location, etc. but yet post said things and more on their public pages for all to see....not to mention that "convenient" virtual assistants that are all the rage now (alexa,siri,cortana, ok google,etc.) require you to divulge just about everything about yourself to some magic cloud in order for them to "conveniently" assist you when you need it (or not), and now throw some kind of fit cause facebook may have leaked who their friends are and what they like?....hypocrites i tell you.

morganfell179d ago

Now Elon Musk has joined the boycott Facebook movement and deleted the Tesla and SpaceX pages.

optimus179d ago

you can video chat with a regular usb pc cam. they implemented that late last year with an update.

cheetorb179d ago

Be sure to tell Russia “Hi” while your at it