Fortnite Receives Heavy Shotgun Today

The heavy shotgun is coming to Fortnite today. It is one of most talked-about weapons in the community. Most recently, we were blessed with the remote explosives. This time around, there is the heavy shotgun which will be released anytime soon.
This is yet another effort that Fortnite developers Epic Games have put in to balance the game. Sticky bombs and the shotgun are the latest additions following the removal of SMG and smoke grenades from the game.

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baril265d ago

The best part is there will be no downtime and no update required for this!

GameBoyColor265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Lol the pump already obsoletes this, but I'll use it anyway

petelil265d ago

Let's see what Pubg inspires from this, after "Weekly Event Modes"