Is Sea of Thieves worth playing as a Single Player?

CG writes: When logging into Rare’s just released Sea of Thieves on Xbox One or PC you are presented with the option to dive into two modes of play where one has you team up with other players in co-op and the other a more challenging solo offering. The question is, like with many other MMO style games which allow people to play solo is the increased difficulty and pacing worth it.

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PhoenixUp267d ago

This game’s single player mode is rarely talked about

Thegamer41266d ago

If I'm not mistaken, it's not really a "single player mode". It's literally the same game with the only difference being your ship and crew size.
You will still encounter other players on your server, even 4-man crews.

So what I'm basically saying is, there's not much to be talked about. It's the same, minus playing with friends.

jokerisalive266d ago

No. There is no sp its mp only but nice try. If it had a proper offline SP component with a good story then it propably would have.

Wolfenstein51266d ago

I played the single player and it is VERY tedious and boring. The game is designed to be played with others. A mission played with others can be completed in 30-45 min, whereas, a mission played by yourself can take 90 min. The game has been kind of a disappointment for me so far.