90° WoW Achievement System FAQ

With World of Warcraft's huge patch 3.0.2 today comes the brilliant new Achievement system. Over the past few months, news of the system has been emerging thick and fast, but in case there are any WoW players out there who missed all this and are wondering what the heck it's all about, Blizzard have issued an FAQ to answer the most popular questions about this great new addition.

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Medievaldragon3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

The achievement to solo-kill Onyxia is quiet crazy. Would be nice if they granted some kind of rewards for certain epic-proportion achievements.

Leord3686d ago

Haha, indeed quite impressive. Perhaps less so in WotLK =P

Probably still impossible for any non-healing class though...

Maticus3686d ago

Meh, Paladins can solo anything. And if they fail, Bubble/Hearth. ;)

Jinxstar3686d ago

Affliction Lock might be able to as well. Pending V good gear and a mess of pots and full buffs before going in.

Leord3686d ago

There has been so much whine about this. I'm surprised the FAQ took so long...

Maticus3686d ago

Well, you assume everyone has been reading up on all the beta news, but it's so surprising how many don't have a clue about it.

Maticus3686d ago

I actually think this new system is fantastic. On the beta, I found myself going to explore that last little bit of map just to get the achievement of seeing all of a zone. Mind you, it's a lot easier with a flying mount, takes no time at all.

I'm looking forward to seeing my past achievements all go off when I log in for the first time after the patch has finished installing :P

Medievaldragon3686d ago

One thing I disliked of the quests achievements is that you won't always know where to find that last quest. I am still 149/150 in Howling Fjord. I traveled every bit of land and water, and caves in Howling Fjord with find low-quest tracker on. I have no clue where that last quest is. That's another flaw about quests that start from a looted item. You don't know what mob to kill to drop that last quest.

Imagine someone obssessive enough to go kill 20 of each mob in all areas of Howling Fjord just to complete the Finish All quests achievement in Howling Fjord or elsewhere? Darn time sink.

Cheeseknight283686d ago

It sure beats sitting around in Shattrath (Or Dalaran in your case) doing nothing.

Maticus3686d ago

I managed to get the "X quests done in Y zone" Achievement without much hassle, but maybe that's not the same thing you mentioned.