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Less content, single-level playing mechanics and a soulless task and progress system, Sea of Thieves is a failed game. After four or five hours of honeymoon, Players will see the real face of the game: a shallow sea.

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MegamanXXX264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

Oh wow another bad review score. I'm starting to see a lot of 5 and 6

Magnetar264d ago

Yet none of them are reputable.

MarineLineman264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

Maybe, but as it stands, 6 is about what it’s getting on average.

Kostche263d ago

why? because they are not bought and paid for site? please...

blackblades264d ago

That 9 something we seen must been bull then, what was the name of the site again elitegamer.

DaDrunkenJester264d ago

Well, to be fair. I have never once heard of this "Oyungezer Online" before.

I have at least seen Elite Gamers articles around before.

MorpheusX264d ago



Someone yesterday mentioned they thought the site was owned or run by CrapGamer on YouTube.

I went to the site, emailed them & asked.

"Are you guys affiliated with CrapGamer, the YouTube channel?".

waiting to hear back.

264d ago
blackblades264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

I would say you'll be waiting a long time for that.

Yeah never heard of these guys/guy either. Wheres the known sites, all I seen was the unknown sites.

No Way264d ago

It must be bull because their opinion differed? ... right.

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Pantz264d ago

They have to be a pro review site to have played enough to review a game in less than a day

jhoward585264d ago

I really want MS to win. Sucks.

MorpheusX264d ago


Microsoft has to want to win.

It appears they don't .

It is what it is, I feel ya though.

CaptainObvious878264d ago

You want a company that tried to put heavy DRM on a console and that's pushing MTs and wants an all digital future monopoly to win?

So you hate the games industry and want it to die a horrible death.

nommers264d ago

This pretty much. But this isn’t all MS is guilty of. The studios and exclusives they buy out just fester away and live out a meaningless existence or don’t even come to fruition.

Kostche263d ago

they are even in way still doing DRm, with windows 10 only BS, how many sales will be lost from SoT, State2, age of empires and any other games they push, because of this crap and because they are scrambling to try and make it look like they have exclusives

_-EDMIX-_264d ago

I mean buddy nothing is wrong with wanting something but you have to start questioning why

so please help me understand this why do you want to company to win that doesn't even hold you in high enough regard to even make a quality game?
Because it starts to become very weird in questionable because if it sucks why do you want them to win? So you want the company to win that's performing this way with 4 out of 10, 5 out of 10 and 6 out of 10 scores?

You know who I want to win? The company that's actually making quality AAA exclusives the company that's actually making AAA exclusives at all for their specific platform because as of right now Microsoft is not even making games for Xbox one that can only be found on Xbox One...

-Foxtrot264d ago

I need to know what these guys were doing for 4 years with a team that big

Thatguy-310264d ago

making the water look as realistic as possible.

nommers264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

At least we know what score IGN will give this game, 😆.

Good-Smurf264d ago

Fill water into the game world's tank.

BrianOBlivion263d ago

I read a reviewer ask that question yesterday "What the hell has Rare been doing all those years", which led me to my next thought: the game has probably been gutted for dlc.

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