'Sea of Thieves' Reminds Me Way too Much of 'Pokémon GO'

Forbes - Like Pokémon GO, Sea of Thieves seems to represent a few flat-out amazing ideas that have run off miles ahead of some pretty basic game design. The promise here is that the game will evolve with time, which is the promise of so many games these days.

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Belinker30090d ago

It got me thinking,how soon before GTA Online releases pirate dlc

IamTylerDurden190d ago

Pokemon GO is free but SoT is $60, that's the problem.

TheRealHeisenberg90d ago

Lol, I got tired of Pokemon Go real quick.

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IamTylerDurden190d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Sea of Thieves hype is turning very sour. The game obviously is a bust, it's starting to feel a bit like the No Man's Sky backlash but to a lesser degree.

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frostlatch89d ago

No Man's Sea GO - so glad I didnt buy into the hype.