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There’s no denying that Rare has seen better days. Once the studio which produced classics like Goldeneye and Banjo Kazooie, the developer quickly fell from its lofty perch following Microsoft’s purchase. This is ultimately why many have been hoping that Sea of Thieves would be a return to form, and to restore the once legendary developer’s good name. Unfortunately, it falls a bit short of that mark. It’s still a fantastic adventure, but it commits a number of sins we have seen a few too many times before.

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Brave_Losers_Unite188d ago

Sea of Thieves is like a preview to a full game

crazyCoconuts187d ago

MS making this part of Game Pass doesn't seem so ground breaking anymore, does it?

Atticus_finch187d ago

The game would get better reviews if it was free to play.

IamTylerDurden1187d ago

6/10 seems about right. This is the problem with $60 free to plays.

DeadSilence188d ago ShowReplies(3)
G20WLY188d ago

6/10 seems to be what users score is averaging at the moment, so this reviewer agrees overall with the gamers at least.

rainslacker187d ago

Some of the early reviews from some of the more respectable sites are already up on meta. They aren't scored yet, so they aren't affecting the aggregate. But the text of some of them aren't overly promising so far.

DigitalRaptor188d ago (Edited 188d ago )


This is what happens when you sell an Early Access game for $60, under the pretence that it's a complete game.

What has Rare been doing all of these years? It's not like they've been adding super-duper photorealistic high-res textures to the world, or packing it with a huge variety of enemies, or ships, or Kraken bodies, or you know... features. Was most of their resource budget spent on calculating ocean physics? What excuses can there be?

-Foxtrot188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

The game started development in 2014 so after 4 years of development this is all they have to show for it. Now it's going to be a wait and see approach to learn what happened during development as this game is obviously not something youd expect to get for a AAA game with 4 years of development time.

If you look on reddit and other places people who played the Alpha a long while back are saying hardly anything has changed from the Alpha to the Beta to the full on release game.

showtimefolks187d ago


Best water physics though /s

nommers187d ago

The problems are most likely as a result of MS, if their track record for utilizing bought up studios is any indication.

MorpheusX187d ago


My thoughts exactly, it's been in development for @ least 4years.

What the heck have MS/Rare been doing all this time to release such an empty game.

And have server issues on top of that.

Hmm, Strange.

HeisenbergX187d ago

Wait whaaat ? this game is 60 dollars ? omg

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