ZTGD Review: Disgaea DS

ZTDG writes: "The Disgaea series has slowly become one of the most beloved franchises that most gamers have never heard of. This quirky turn-based strategy game has – over the years – developed such a strong following that it has spawned five games across three systems. The latest incarnation is actually a remake of the original game that started it all on the PlayStation 2 over five years ago with some minor altercations to make it feel at home on Nintendo's touch-happy handheld. If you are new to the series this is easily the most accessible, but if you have been down this road before there is little here to warrant purchasing yet another version of the same game.

The story of Disgaea is as idiosyncratic as it ever has been. You assume the role of Prince Laharl, who is awakened from a two-year slumber by an attempt on your life only to discover that your father has been killed and you are the new Overlord of the netherworld. The game begins in the depths of the netherworld, but eventually progresses all the way to Heaven in typical Japanese fashion. The one thing Disgaea has always done well is never take itself too seriously. The story is chock full of wacky references, dark humor and characters that could only belong to this out-of-sync universe."

+ Tons of content on one small cartridge
+ Quirky and entertaining story
+ Takes good advantage of the hardware

- Graphics take a small hit
- Could still be overwhelming to some

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